Intuitive business strategy for solopreneurs to build & monetize their own vision.

Hi-I am Balázs. I help you to find harmony in business strategy and consciousness.

Starting a business is not difficult at all. It is one of the best ways to make money. Plus, you can get out of the 9 to 5 working environment.

However, in most cases, individuals are afraid to start a business because they start worrying about things like how to set up a company, how accounting and taxation work, what software should be used to create a website and send a newsletter, and what methods to use to get customers.

These are all very important things. But there is plenty of time to think about them.

There is no need to dwell on this. Why? There is a proven blueprint for these things, which you just need to implement. There are super agencies that will do most of the work, plus help you clarify the details. This is not the “hard” part.

What is worth dealing with:

Understanding the importance of business strategy, how it is built. Seeing 3-4 years ahead. We’re not even talking numbers here, just a framework. Creating your own Go/NoGo strategy, where you decide whether to say yes or no.
Seeing ahead where you can go, understanding what you need to learn, the time commitment required, and how much investment.

Understanding these makes it much easier for anyone to commit to starting a business.

It is often the simplest things that bring success.

If you have a dream, if you have a vision and you want to finally start what you believe in, then start doing it.

Over the past 9 years I have built 3 successful businesses, two alone and one as part of a team.

From this experience, I can say that it is worth starting to build a business as early as possible, because your learning curve will pick up at a young age, so you will experience and be successful much sooner as you age.

Numbers in a nutshell

Entrepreneur, mentor
9+ years in business
12+ years management experience in multinational companies
Successfully built 3 businesses
4 years startup experience
+800% growth in 8 months